Below is a set of remedial reading materials that you can download for free and use in reinforcing your learners to read efficiently. Please click on the DOWNLOAD link provided below to get your free copy.

Teaching and assisting your learners in their beginning reading journey is truly challenging. What more if you have to reinforce and allot remedial reading time to cater to their needs? Remedial reading is one of the best ways to meet the needs of our learners especially those who are extremely struggling. This could also be a turning point where your students could actually like reading and develop a good reading habit.

There are so many means to provide for our struggling readers and conducting remedial reading sessions is just one of them. Technically, you can't do much without having a set of remedial reading materials that serve as their concrete guide to develop their reading skills.

Please be reminded that these materials are only supplementary to help you in providing good and useful learning/instructional materials that would help our beloved learners. Please note that you must be LOGGED in to your GMAIL or DepEd email account to be able to download. We highly suggest that you use a laptop or desktop for easier and faster downloading.

Teachers are even making their own sets of reading materials to address this.


NOTE: You must be LOGGED IN to your Gmail Account to be able to download this file.

Credits to Ma'am Kristine Bernadette Dimacali


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