WORD FAMILIES (Free Download)

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Constant practice of reading can make the reading skills of our kids get into the next level. As the saying goes, Practice Makes Perfect, kids can practically improve their reading skills if given enough time and conditioning. It is a proven fact that most children are visual learners, meaning they can learn better with encouraging and colorful materials. The same goes for reading if they are provided with attractive and effective reading materials it won't be hard for us to encourage them to read.

Some teachers are being strict with regards to this matter, without knowing that their readers can perform and read better if reading materials are suited to their level. If you give a reader the materials not suited to their capabilities then you are just making things even worse.

Reading assessment can be done to identify the reading level of your learners. Once identified, it is time to look for the materials that will best fit his level so it can hook them to read and gain confidence for that matter. As they gain improvement, teachers may introduce them to the new set of materials which will now enhance their skills and bring them to a higher level of reading and comprehension.

Credits to Ma'am Janice Merelos


  1. Very helpful ideas.Please notify me for the new sets of materials.Thank you and God bless

  2. Thank you for all of this. Great help.💖💖

  3. Thank you so much, its a great help for us. God bless po


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