Download for FREE these remedial reading materials that you can use to help your kids or learners in reading English words, phrases, and sentences that will eventually help them in their fluency and comprehension. 

These materials consist of words with short vowel sounds used in sentences for further reading and development. With proper guidance and assistance from a teacher, there is no way your learners will not be able to read these materials.

We highly encourage you to create simple yet effective reading materials like this so your learners will have useful options to use for their reading and learning activities. You may also share your most effective reading/learning materials with us so we can reach more and help more of our fellow teachers in their preparations and focus more on the learning process. Please do send it to us and we will do our best to feature it here on our official website. Rest assured that you will be recognized as the rightful owner or contributor.

Please be reminded that these materials are only supplementary to help you in providing good and useful learning/instructional materials that would help our beloved learners. Please note that you must be LOGGED in to your GMAIL or DepEd email account to be able to download. We highly suggest that you use a laptop or desktop for easier and faster downloading. Simply click on the DOWNLOAD link below the image to get your free copy.

REMEDIAL READING (Short Vowel Sounds)

DISCLAIMER: We do not own these posted materials. We only share it for educational purposes and to help our fellow teachers in their teaching journey. Please do contact us if you are the rightful owner of these files for proper recognition or should you seek to remove it from this site.


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